CrossFit Shady Grove isn’t just a gym, it’s a solution to help you reach your fitness goals. We provide a high level of service to ensure that our members see results.


If you’re looking to get stronger, and improve your overall fitness, then our CrossFit classes are for you. We offer an inclusive and supportive environment to get you strong and fit. All classes are Coach led to ensure that you are moving safely and getting the most out of your workouts.

Personal Training

Just getting started on your fitness journey? Personal training is an incredibly effective way to not only get you started, but to help you along the way. Personal training sessions are custom tailored to your unique needs and goals to deliver results as quickly and safely as possible.

Nutrition Coaching

Looking to take control of your nutrition? Our Nutrition Coaching program offers multiple options depending on how much support you need. Our program is custom tailored to you as an individual to deliver long lasting and sustainable results.

Shady Grove Strength

Come get strong(er) with us! Shady Grove Strength is a mixture of Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding Accessory movements used to build strength, power and prevent injury. If you’re looking to take things to the next level with your strength training and improve your physique, this is for you.

Carbon Cardio

Want to break a sweat but aren’t interested in doing the more complex barbell movements and gymnastics? Our Carbon cardio program is designed to improve your overall fitness without the use of more advanced exercises like barbell snatches or muscle-ups.