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Your 2016 Spooky Swole Teams

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We have 9 Teams Signed up for Spooky Swole on Saturday! They are:
“Diapers & Dumbbells” – Matt Jacobs & Nicole Jacobs
“Team Scare” – Rachel Tand Scherr & Adam Scherr
“28 Snatches Later” – Jeffrey Everett & John Heaton
“Poppin’ Cherries” – Mahesh Khidkikar & Leanne Trent
“Endurance” – Judy Landry & Chris Landry
TBD – Irene Didinsky & Rick Williams
TBD – Sravan Mintu & Fed Bernal
TBD – Sky Cecilia & Rich Bryson
TBD – Pinank Kamdar & Naomi Veney
Do we have a nice gentleman who would like to partner with Nancy Arias?
If you do not yet have a team name, let us know. Or…we will come up with one for you. 🙂
I will be posting heats and a schedule of events later today. Stay tuned!
Don’t forget: There will be a prize for best team costume! This is Halloween, after all!!